allow me to introduce myself

I'm Amanda and I'm a walking contradiction. I crave spontaneity but also love planning to a T. I'm an extrovert with introverted tendencies who borders between an ENFP and just plain ADD. I love colorful, bold imagery that exudes emotion but I also get a littler pitter-patter in my heart for crisp, clean lifestyle. 

I live in Katy, TX, a suburb of Houston, with my charismatic and comical husband Sterling, two bad to the bone Chiweenies named Andy and Pee Wee, a 3 year old master of chaos who goes by Marley, and an 8 month old hunk we call Brother, who happens to outweigh my toddler (his real name is Sawyer, but neither you nor he'd know it).

My photography journey began as a high school senior with the overly skeptical E-Bay purchase of a $100 Pentax K1000 (remember, those were the internet dark ages before Tinder dates and Venmo transactions). I continued my film exploration throughout all 76 years of college with a strictly traditional darkroom focus and major in Photography. It wasn't until 2009 on a trip to Spain that I picked up my first DSLR. Fast forward 6 years with the birth of my daughter (yep, Miss Marley mentioned above) and that's where Dear Marlowe began.

My hobbies include asking my friends for advice and never taking it,  starting a new DIY project before I complete the last, and filling up an online shopping cart and then not buying any of it.   

I want your moments to live as beautiful, fine art prints. Not forgotten files on your hard drive. As Houston's premier Newborn and Family Photographer, I pride myself on delivering the VERY best, fine art quality products. I would be honored to capture this season of your life, and look forward to chatting soon!