Bringing Home Henley | Houston, TX Newborn Photographer

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When it comes to photographing newborns in-home, many parents may not realize that baby needs not be new. Sure, if you want those sleepy, swaddled tight, baby-in-a-basket shots, then you better believe anyone over 2 weeks would be pushing the geriatric stage of babydom. But the nice thing about older babes, besides *fingers crossed* them sleeping through the night is we get to see their little personality shine through. Tiny smiles, gentle coos, mommy cuddles, and daddy kisses– all fleeting moments yours truly is here to capture for all of eternity.


Now, we all know babies have their own agenda. In the case of Baby Henley, an 8 week session wasn't what the world, or mama bear for that matter, originally had in mind. But things never come easy when it comes to becoming parents, and you best believe this little fighter was never gonna let mommy and daddy lose sight of her strength for even one second. 

"Our daughter Henley was born 2 months early; unable to breath or eat without tubes. She is absolutely the strongest person we have ever known and her life is just getting started. It’s so special to freeze time for a moment. It will be amazing to look back and remember exactly how it felt when our sweet baby came home and completed our family." 

As someone who has experience two pretty near-perfect pregnancies, deliveries, and newborns, I was humbled to experience the other side of things— the NORM for many mamas of premies and micro-premies. The precautions taken just during our session alone were daily measures for this family, ultimately determining baby Henley's well being and health. The slightest slip up that would overlook the average baby, may very well affect Henley ten fold. The most important thing I took away from my session with these dear friends is that no matter how little strength you feel you have left, there is always more to be found in light of love and in light of life. This family and their dear sweet girl, prove that beyond words. Better yet? Henley got us an Atros win!!!

"We watch the Astros religiously each year. This year, I was pregnant when the season started and we just knew Henley would be our good luck charm this year. She was with all throughout the payoffs and when we won the World Series. I didn’t doubt it all season. I knew she was the good luck charm and that we would get the W!