Wanna be a part of an exclusive group of Seniors who get access to super awesome incentives just for having your photo taken? Love exploring new places around town and getting to meet cool new friends from area high schools?

We are looking for up to 5 girls and 3 boys from the graduating class of 2020 to serve as Senior Spokesmodel for Dear Marlowe Seniors. What’s this mean for you? By committing as a Dear Marlowe Team Member and serving as an exclusive Spokesmodel for the 2020 Dear Marlowe school year, you will receive 100% OFF your $250 Senior Session Fee AND 25% OFF any Collection you invest in (don’t stress—no investment is required). Score your very own customized digital gallery, watermarked social media images for sharing, PLUS the chance to snag free products, images, and upgrades! Want in?

Share this information with your parents and together, fill out the form below! Senior Spokesmodels will be chosen by June 21st. Deadline to enter is June 14th.

Please email 5 recent images, including one full body, to hello@dearmarlowe.com following the completion of the form below. Thank you!

RULES + REQUIREMENTS: Dear Marlowe Senior Spokesmodels will participate in one group styled shootout during the Summer of 2019, PLUS, each Spokesmodel will receive an individual Fall AND Spring Session tailored to their own specific style. In exchange for your time, each Spokesmodel will choose three complimentary hi-resolution images from EACH of the three session (9 images total) and will have the opportunity to invest in additional imagery and products at 25% off (no investment is required, Collections range from $350-$1350). As a part of the Team Member agreement, Spokesmodels and parents will be asked to share all imagery on social media platforms throughout the year via a specific number of posts, shares, and tags. Rep Members will also receive add-on items (images, prints, etc.) free of charge for each referral booked. Rep Members are responsible for providing their own professional level hair and makeup (if you have the skillset to do this well yourself, that is also acceptable) as well as partnering with Dear Marlowe on styling and overall look. Female Spokesmodels do have access to the Dear Marlowe Client Closet of designer dresses and may have the opportunity to partner with local boutiques. Spokesmodels cannot have committed or plan to commit to any other photographer’s Brand Rep or Spokesmodel Team or intend to hire/invest in another photographer during the duration of the 2019/2020 year. Such will result in the forfeiture of the complimentary sessions, digital files, and other Dear Marlowe Spokesmodel incentives as mentioned above.