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Some time ago, like many new moms out there, I joined a "mom" group on Facebook. Now this mom group wasn't just any mom group and to be quite honest, I LOATHE the word "mom group". Let's go ahead and call ourselves artists, shall we? We are a collective group of women who happened to have pushed a living being out of our lady bits (or had them evicted by any means necessary—we aren't here to pass judgement) and manage to carry a camera for a living (and do a damn good job of it, might I add). We joined forces to offer one another virtual advice (both photography AND mom related), inspiration, and genuine love. With an internet so full of cattiness and crazies, it was nice to finally feel at home when posting my "Is this really even good?" work. I hope to one day meet my fellow Bad B's in real life, but for now, we use our keyboards to communicate and our camera's to keep one another motivated to do more in life than just Mom.  

This past winter, we decided to challenge ourselves with a Traveling Dress Project (learn a little bit more the origination of this idea here). We knew we wanted something that would SCREAM Holiday, so we all settled on this Vince Camuto off-shoulder, velvet emerald dress. While we started this project with 12 or so girls, we ended with 5 turning in their homework (no worries, ladies! We ALL know that life comes first!) Each photographer was given roughly 2 weeks with the dress and was responsible for scouting locations, casting models, and translating their concept into a full force creation. We weren't allowed to discuss our ideas or share our images for what felt like forever, but our project paired with shipping ended up taking around 3 months. The biggest challenge of this whole idea was definitely the impact of weather; our girls come from all over the Unites States, and with some areas like Wisconsin and North Dakota still filled to the brim with snow throughout much of March and even April, we had to plan accordingly. Our Texas, California, and Florida girls had first dibs with our northern ladies taking the dress on last so as not to give their models frostbite. Ultimately, we all created stunning images reflective of our personal style; I think we can all agree that in doing so, we were able to discover a little more about ourselves and take a much needed break from the overwhelming task of running a small business. 

First up to the plate is my girl Kellie Schneider of Little Blue Bow Photography out of beautiful (say it with me, now) SANNNNNNN DIAGOOOO, California. If her model doesn't make you stop and pick your jaw up, well then, you best get to steppin. I love how Kellie gave us a little bit of greenery paired with the perfect touch of architecture.


Now a girl after my own heart—beach vibes and grassy fields! Kelly Creamer of Kelly Creamer Photography in Panama City, Florida, gave our beautiful green dress a trip down to the Emerald Coast. So fitting, and so beautiful!


If I had to pick a winner, then I'm going with Olive & Ivory Photography, headed by Boss Babe Jenn Dukes out of Charleston, South Carolina. Nothing gets me more than a conceptual shoot fueled by things my heart holds dear. This session took place at McLeod Plantation, once used for working cotton and later home to the Freedman's Bureau. 


What better way to capture our Motherhood of the Traveling Dress than with none other than a Mommy & Me Session?! Talia Laird of Talia Laird Photography (Oconomowoc, Wisconsin) definitely did our dress justice in pairing a beautiful floral crown and a sweet mama with both her babes.


Now if you've made it this far, then you really are my biggest fan. Because this one, she's mine. Hollywood glamour. Old world feel. Houstin, Texas sets the scene, and nothing says HOLYYYY SHIT like a red head in an emerald dress. World, meet Megan. She's a ginger on a mission and I'm here to capture the ride. Dear Marlowe Photography can't thank this one enough for lending her time and modeling skills : )


Last but not least, we cool things down a bit. In comes Kamie Wittrock of Hoover Heights Media, our coldest and perhaps coolest (see what I did there) dress session based out of Sioux Fall, South Dakota. If there's one thing I love ALMOST more than a red head in a green dress, it's a caped goddess surrounded by snow. You go, Kamie. Now get that girl a coat and a cup of hot cocoa!


I can't be more thankful for these ladies, and that's an odd truth. Though I've never met most of them in person, I know that at the drop of a dime, no matter what I'm going through in my business, in my life, or as a mother, they've got my back. They support my work when I'm feeling uninspired, they lend advice when I'm feeling lost, and they actually listen when my husband is beyond tired of hearing my talk about photography. These are my Mastin Mama's, my Facebook Ride or Die girls.

We can still make Vegas by summer, ladies!