The Littler Family | Houston, TX Family Photographer

Dear Marlowe Photography • Katy, TX Maternity Session

When you're a family that looks this good, your photo session can't NOT be anything short of magical. And when you're a fellow photographer in DESPERATE need to get yourself (and your loved ones) in FRONT of the lens for once, then that's where I come in. World, meet my girl Katie of Light & Matter Photography and her adorable boys, John and JJ.


Let's be real, mamas. Life ain't easy when you've got a big kid to take care of (yes, husbands— we're talking 'bout you) PLUS tiny little ones sucking the life out of your every move. But it's ALL worth it, ladies. Every. Single. Bit of it. Putting the not-so-easy aspect of it all aside, I think we can ALL agree that what we are really lacking within motherhood is sweet, precious time. They didn't lie when they said it all goes so fast. The days are long, but the years are short, amiright? How do we make up for the loss of what feels like a century as our babies go from babies, to full-grown, tantrum throwing, yogurt slinging, pink-eye loving toddlers? Well, my friends, so glad you asked. 

"We never have photos taken of us. I'm always the one behind the lens so there are rarely any 'real' moments of me with my family. I wanted photos to capture the happiness we share as parents and as a family together. My family means everything to me. They are the reason I wake up, the reason why I try to be my best self, and the reason I try to set a good example and be my best self. Life is about loving those people and loving them well, regardless of whether that may be hard to do or not." 

Katie couldn't have said it any better. Stop, y'all. Stop right now and take a look around you. Look past the toys spewed across the floor and the clothes that lay unfolded and the little bits of life that you have yet to put together. None of it matters. Not one, single, bit. Now look at your walls. Do you see the memories of your just born babies faces, the happiness of you and your husband in your first days of marriage, the adventures of life you have cherished most, all perfectly pictured in shiny, glass frames? If you answered "No", then I want you to make it your life's mission to allow someone, ANYONE (perhaps me, if I could be so honored) to capture your story, to create a beautiful piece of art NOT in the form of pixels (albums, anyone?), and display that ish like there's no tomorrow. LET'S MAKE ART, not long-lost forgotten files on your hard drive.

"The images of my life are more important to me than you can imagine. I value photos SO much because I know one day, a day will come when I can't remember all the little things. I want photos that capture those irreplaceable moments so that when I look through them 20 years from now, I can remember exactly how I was feeling in that moment with my family." 

Preach on, Sister Katie. Preach on.