Mariann + Spencer | Houston, TX Maternity Photographer

Dear Marlowe Photography • Katy, TX Maternity Session

Sometimes at my maternity sessions, magic happens. And when you're channeling Beyoncé's Lemonade, you're bound to stir something up besides sugar, water, and lemons. 

This Fall, I set out with the goal of adding diversity to my portfolio; as some of you may (or may not) know, not all skin tones photograph the same. With so much controversy in the advertising world over this or that *insert model or celebrity* having skin that looks too "white" or too "dark" or too whatever compared to reality (not to reference Beyoncé again, but remember this?), I felt it was my due diligence to represent my sisters from another mister in all their beauty WHILE ensuring their skin tones don't sway from the real deal. Pair that with some solid styling on my part (toot that horn, Mandy!), and you've got yourself one killer couple behind the lens. Allow me to introduce Mariann + Spencer– most easy-going couple alive. 

You know when you meet someone and it's kinnnnd of like you've known each other all along? It felt that way with these two, which of course made our session easy like Sunday morning– but on a Saturday, mind you. What their smiles (or lack thereof in the super Hipster image above) won't tell you is that things haven't been easy for Mariann and Spencer over these last few months. While giving insight on what to wear, Mariann informed me that her wardrobe was limited as they, like many Houstonians, lost everything to Hurricane Harvey. Now how could a girl like me ask a kind soul like her to go off and spend her hard earned money on something to fit her soon-to-be-perfectly-flat-again belly? Not happening. But don't get it twisted– your trusty photographer isn't made of money, either. Never fear, my suburban friends–this is where Amazon comes to the rescue! Now, I have never been a huge fan of purchasing clothing via Amazon, because let's be real, that ish is never guaranteed to be of good quality. And while there ain't nothing wrong with that, there is if you plan on wearing that pretty little number more than one wash. But for anyone on a budget, Amazon finds are a great route to fulfilling your on occasion dress up needs. My number one go-to skirt for all shapes and sizes– including expectant mamas, is this chiffon skirt which comes in roughly 672 colors. It can be worn under or over the bump, and hides anything left behind by previous tenants (10-lb. baby, anyone?) or too many late night Whataburger runs. 

Here in Houston, things get hot! Add pregnancy to the mix, and you might as well pick yourself up a copy of Dante's inferno to cool off. Amazon has a TON of lacy crop tops that offer something feminine as well functional to the mix (goodbye, sweat stains). Don't let the word crop top scare you, though– there are plenty of high waisted options you can pair these with to even things out and keep things intact. So now that we have the ladies covered, let's talk about the fella's, ay, because we all know they won't be dressing themselves. Guys are simple, but don't be afraid to kick it up a notch. We paired Mariann's look with a floral button up for Spencer (yes, men, I said F-L-O-R-A-L) and kept it casual and classic below the waist with dark wash jeans. Fit is important here, so be sure and tell your man to step away of the relaxed fit and squeeze himself into something more....well, fitted. Check out this Levi's numerology guide for all the deets on how to find the perfect pair. 

Speaking of perfect pair, check out these two in outfit number two (Sorry, ladies. This dress is an Anthropologie find– sold out and more than my paycheck is willing to handle.)